At Netvlies, we believe in testing on physical devices over emulators or simulators. That's why we've opened our device lab for everyone to use.

Open Device Lab

How do you know if your responsive design works well on a BlackBerry? Are your buttons easy to reach on a Samsung Galaxy Tab? Is your website performing fast enough on an old Android? What does the Nokia Bell browser support?
How do you test all that? Do you use simulators or emulators, or do you use real devices?
You'll probably know the answer to that, testing on a real device is always better than a software solution. But it's not possible for all webdevelopers to buy all those devices. That's where we try to help a bit.

In our open device lab we currently have a collection of seven phones and three tablets for everybody to use to test their websites. You can come by, use our WiFi and know how users experience the physical devices.

You can read more about the device lab in Paul's blogpost (Dutch).

a photo of the device lab

Device Library

In our lab we have a growing number of different devices. We try to get as many different types of devices, not only the newest, but also older models.
If you have a phone or other mobile device lying around, please consider a donation to our library.

All our phones have nicknames, they're internally used for easy recognition ("Do you know where Usain is?"). They are usually named by the donater or after the donater.

Manufacturer Model Operating System Contributor Nickname
Amazon Kindle Fire Android 2.3 Cover-Up Jonathan
Apple 2nd generation iPad iOS 7.0.4 Netvlies Padtrick
Apple 3th generation iPad (retina) iOS 7.0.4 Netvlies Padro
Apple 3th generation iPad (retina) iOS 7.0.4 Netvlies Padricia
Archos 70b eReader Android 2.1 Lia Mast Archie
Asus Nexus 7 Android 4.2.2 Google Irish
BlackBerry Bold 9700 BlackBerry OS 5 Laura van Heijst Usain
BlackBerry Curve 9300 BlackBerry OS 6 Netvlies Alfons
BlackBerry Dev Alpha B BlackBerry OS 10 BlackBerry Aaron
BlackBerry Playbook BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.1 BlackBerry William
Geeksphone Keon FireFox OS Netvlies Wanda
HTC 7 Trophy Windows Phone 7.5 Rob Verbeek Rob
HTC Desire Android 2.3.7 (Oxygen mod) Johan Michels Desi
HTC Desire Android 2.2 Jan Verbeek Bas
HTC Desire HD Android 4.1.2 (JellyTime mod) Sander Krul Harry
HTC Desire S Android 4.0.4 Paul Verbeek Sjaak
HTC Desire Z Android 2.3.3 Maarten Verstraeten Maarten
HTC Dream Android 1.6 Paul Verbeek Henk
HTC Radar Windows Phone 7.5 Netvlies Barry
HTC Touch Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional Jan Verbeek Jan
HP TouchPad 4G webOS 3 HP Roy
LG GW620 Android 2.2 Corrie Verbeek Dik
LG Nexus 4 Android 4.4.2 Google Iran
Nokia 500 Nokia Belle Netvlies Tomi
Nokia E66 Symbian S60 Martin Savelkoul Tinus
Nokia Lumia 610 Windows Phone 7.5 Nokia Eugen
Nokia Lumia 620 Windows Phone 8 Netvlies Bello
Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone 7.5 Nokia Andrea
Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android 4.1.1 Google Pete
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android 4.0.4 Netvlies Gordon
Samsung Nexus 10 Android 4.4.2 Google Gert
Sony PSP 2000 PSP system software Paul Verbeek Sonny
Sony Ericsson Aino Java Platform 8.5 Lia Mast Bert
Sony Ericsson C905 Java Platform 8.4 Liedewei Ratgers Erica


Our device lab is situated at Netvlies in Breda, The Netherlands. You can come by any time, but please let us know beforehand.

Of course our test lab is not the only one around. Take a look at the list of Open Device Labs to see if there is a lab in your city.

Do you want to establish an Open Device Lab in your city? LabUp! is here to help you!